Batch Flow Meters

Batch Flow Meters

We have a variety of options available for batching applications.

Generally, a batching system consists of a Flowmeter a Batch Controller, and a solenoid Valve.  Batching Systems can be single or multi-channel.  The system operates via the controller that has the capability to be preset to the required quantity.

When the start button is depressed the controller signals the valve to open, and if required the pump to start, allowing the product to flow through the meter generating a signal relative to quantity. When the specified amount has passed through the meter the controller signals the valve to close and the pump to stop. This is a full batch cycle that can be repeated after the controller is reset.

We can offer a turbine flowmeter, an Oval gear Flowmeter or an electromagnetic flowmeter for use in a batching system.  The type of flowmeter needs to be selected based on the type of fluid and the actual flow rate of the application.

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