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SITRANS FM MAGFLO electromagnetic flow meters offer precise flow measurement on a wide range of conductive liquids where accuracy and reliability are paramount.

The common types are the 5100W & 3100 series flanged sensor, 1100 series sandwich design (Flangeless) and the 1100 Food with sanitary clamp connections with a range of liners and electrode materials to suit your application.

Also available is the Battery MAG, the Sitrans MAG 8000.
MagFlo Meters comprise of two components. A Sensor (Flow Tube) and a Signal Converter (Electronics) available as remote from Sensor or Compact version. That is directly mounted onto Flow Sensor.

For additional information on the Siemens range of SITRANS Electromagnetic Flow Meters contact B.E.S. Flowmeters.

Sitrans Mag 1100F

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For support, sales and enquiries

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