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Batch Meters

Batching Systems can be single or multi channel generally incorporating a Flow meter, Batch Controller or preset counter and a Control Valve(s). The system operates via the controller that has the capability to be preset to the required quantity.

When the start button is depressed the controller signals the valve to open, and if required the pump to start, allowing product to flow through the meter generating a signal relative to quantity. When the specified amount has passed through the meter the controller signals the valve to close and the pump to stop. This is a full batch cycle that can be repeated after the controller is reset.

  • Eco Batch Controller

    The Eco Batch Controllers are specifically designed to operate with common pulse producing flowmeters such as positive displacement, turbine or magnetic style meters.

    The field mount Eco Batch Controller has two solid state 1amp relays and is powered by 24Vdc while the panel mount version has two 5 amp relays and can be powered by 240Vac or 24Vdc.

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  • GPI Industrial Turbines

    Fast delivery of large or small quantities of product is possible with the GPI Industrial Turbine Meter Our GPI Turbine Flowmeters combined with Batch Controller and control valve delivers high accuracy and repeatability with this all stainless steel system compatible with many low viscosity products.
    eg: The GPI stainless steel 25mm turbine has a flow range from 25 – 250 lt/min.

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  • PD Meter with Batch Controller

    Batching systems incorporating a Positive Displacement (PD) Flowmeter have the ability to handle a wide range of fluid viscosities with excellent levels of repeatability and durability. Batch systems can incorporate dual shut off valves for two stage shut down. Utilising the dual stage output from the controller and other programming functions ensures accurate dispensing and total control of batched quantity. The compact option shown here has the batch controller mounted directly on to the face of the flowmeter. This option is available in a range of sizes from 1/2″ through 4″ dia.
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  • BES Batch System

    The BES Batching System with Inferential Brass Water Meter has been specifically packaged as an installation-ready metering assembly suitable for the most common of liquid transfer applications throughout industry. The batching of small to medium volumes of water or similar low viscosity liquids is a common requirement within many industries. Typical applications are found in the manufacture of car care products, food & beverage solutions, adhesives, building products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, paint & chemicals.

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  • Sitrans MAG6000 Transmitter with Batch Facility

    The Sitrans MAG 6000 Transmitter shown here connected to a Mag 5100W Flow Sensor has Bus communication, Batch Function and accuracy of + 0.25 % of flow rate.
    An extremely accurate flow meter for a wide range of conductive liquids.
    The Mag 6000 Signal Transmitter is housed in a robust IP 67 polyamid enclosure and Displays flowrate, totalised values, settings and faults. Multiple function outputs for process control, minimum configuration with analog, pulse/frequency and relay output.

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  • Macnaught MX Flowmeter with ERB Batching Register

    The ERB is a meter mounted digital register with a 17mm LC Display shown here mounted to the MX Flowmeter, specifically designed for Batching application. The output facilities include 4-20mA (passive) and scaled pulse output. The Aluminium housing is rated to IP75 and has a max temperature rating of 80oC. It suits all MX flowmeter models

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