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BES Water Meters

  • BES Water Meter

    Our BES 3/4″ Single Jet Water Meter for potable water applications is a compact design meter with Brass Body, mechanical non reset totaliser in liters and is fitted with nut and tail connections. The Vacuum Seal Register ensures a dry dial and long service life. This meter works well in low head gravity feed systems or mains supply and has a flow range from 1 – 80 lt/min.

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  • TD8 Water Meter

    The TD8 is a piston type water meter with extra dry register designed for clean potable water. It has a wide measuring range with a very low starting flow. The meter is pre-equipped for communication and combines the advantages of piston type technology together with proven reliability of the extra dry register. No gears in contact with water. The smooth piston chamber ensures long term accuracy.
    Available sizes 20, 25 & 32 mm diameter. The 20 & 25mm meter has screwed connections and the 32mm Meter has a two bolt flange connection. The irreversible meter cap mounting makes it totally tamperproof without the use of lead seals and can be fitted with our cyble pulse sensor for remote readout.

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  • MRPU5 Resettable Water Meter

    The MRPU5 resettable counter flowmeter with a gunmetal body, round display head and a 1″ BSP male threaded stem section which allows it to be fitted to most 1″ BSP female entries. Usually, the MRPUs are pre-fitted with pipe adapter fittings. Adapters are available for a range of pipe sizes from 20 to 100 mm diameters, and the adapter range includes Galvanized Iron tees, Class18 Cat19 PVC high pressure tees, and saddle-clamp agricultural poly-pipe fittings. A cost effective option for flow measurement with easy reset facility. Just close the lid.

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  • MRP20-T2 Resettable Water Meter

    Used extensively in the concrete industry and many other applications. MRP meters are constructed of gunmetal to handle rugged mobile applications and any fixed installation that requires a reset meter. With only one moving part these meters require minimal maintenance. MRP models have a LCD 4 digit reset display and supplied with a gunmetal flow tube with 3/4″ BSPF connections.

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  • Utility Meter

    The UM series is specifically engineered for the most common of liquid transfer applications within industrial plants, mining sites, automotive service centre’s and refueling installations.
    Monitoring or controlling the movements of small to medium volumes of water, diesel fuels and other low viscosity liquids under pumped or gravity conditions in small pipe sizes is widespread. The UM flowmeter provides a cost effective solution to the traceability of disbursed liquids.
    Flow range 1 – 70 lt/min with 3/4″ BSP process connections. Meter can be supplied as a pulse output version with Reed switch or Hall effect sensor with nominal output of 30 PPL or fitted with LCD Totaliser or Rate /Totaliser. Flowmeter has a pressure rating to 10 Bar and a process temperature of up to 90°C.

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