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G Series Precision Meters

The GPI G series High Precision Meter line is the most accurate of the GPI Turbine Meters and are available in a range of sizes from ½ inch, to 3 inch diameter with connection options including NPT, BSP, ISO, ANSI flange & Sanitary Clamp fittings.
With great accuracy and excellent levels of repeatability the GPI Precision Turbines can be utilised for all water based applications. Meter construction: Stainless steel body & rotors with tungsten carbide or PTFE bearings.

  • GBT, GNT, GBP & GNP Precision Meters

     The G series Stainless Steel Precision Turbines are manufactured with screwed connections. NPT, BSP & ISO fittings and are available with Tungsten Carbide or PTFE bearing options. These meters are produced in ½ in, ¾ in, 1 in, 1 ½ in, 2 in. and 3 in. models.
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  • ANSI Flanged Precision Meter

    The GFT stainless steel precision flowmeters are available with 150# RF ANSI Flange fittings, tungsten carbide shaft/sleeve/thrust bearings. These meters are available in ¾ in, 1 in, 1 ½ in, 2 in. and 3 in. models.

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  • GSCP Sanitary Clamp Precision Meter

    The stainless steel precision flowmeters with Tri-Clover clamp are available in two versions. The GSCP meter can be used in pre-process applications where high accuracy is required without 3A approval. This meter works well with beverage applications.

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  • GSCPS Sanitary Clamp Precision Meter

    The GSCPS Stainless Steel Precision Flowmeters with Tri-Clover Clamp Fittings meets the strict 3-A Sanitary Standards using the Third Party Verification (TPV) program. The design, construction and traceability of components have been reviewed and approved. These meters are great for measuring milk and dairy products.

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  • Various electronic display and output options available for the G series meters

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