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    Economy Electronic Digital Meters

  • GPI Economy Series Chemical Meter

    The GPI FM Chemical meter is suitable for thin and medium fluids and can be field calibrated for more viscous products. This Nutating disc flowmeter is made of Durable PBT Polyester. Local display includes Rate of Flow, Batch and Cumulative Totals.

  • FM-300H/R Chemical Meter

    The most accurate and versatile agricultural chemical meter on the market. Factory calibrated for thin and medium to thick fluids, even oils. Flow range is 7 to 75 LPM. This Nutating disc meter comes with a electronic display. Typical accuracy with Factory Calibration is ± 2%. Field Calibration is ± 0.5%. Durable PBT Polyester construction. Keeps both batch and cumulative totals and displays rate of flow.

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  • GG500/GG510 Transmitter

    The GG500 is a remote mount Pulse-Out Transmitter with battery powered display. Choose the GG510 when local mount is required.

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  • GX500/GX510 Transmitter

    The GX500 is a remote mount 4-20 mA output transmitter with display. Choose the GX510 when a local mount is required.

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  • GA500/GA510 Transmitter

    The GA500 is a remote mount 4-20 mA output transmitter without display. Choose the GA510 when a local mount is needed.

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  • SC500/SC510 Scaled Pulse Module

    The GPI Scaled Pulse Module is a switch-programmable multi-stage counter/ divider with multiple inputs that provides selectable K-factor to convert input frequency to scaled pulse output. The SC500 connects via a 20 foot input cable. The SC510 connects directly to the 1” MNPT conduit connector

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  • Meter Modules

    Meter Modules are available to modify your GPI Electronic Digital Meter including remote indication for high or low fluid temperature applications. Output module kits enabling connection to a wide variety of chart recorders, display equipment and process control equipment are available for the G2, A1 and TM series meters. Additional range of accessories are also available. Consult BES Flowmeters for choosing the best option for your application

  • FM Approved Remote Kit Assembly

    The Factory Mutual (FM) Approved Remote Kit Assembly modifies GPI Electronic Meters for applications in specialized situations including remote indication and high low fluid temperature metering applications. This kit provides the versatility of panel mounting of the LCD readout up to 100 ft. from the turbine. This kit consists of a sensor module, a dust cover assembly and 10 ft. of cable. Requires a complete meter with display. Suitable for G2, A1 & TM series meters

    Watch How-to Remotely Mount your GPI local flow meter display for G2, A1 & TM series meters using a Std remote
    or FM approved Kit

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  • Conditioned signal output module

    Combine the Conditioned Signal Output Module with a GPI Turbine Kit to create a low-cost flow sensor with digital signal output which interfaces with various counters, controllers and compatible process equipment

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  • 4-20 mA Module

    Combines with an Industrial Grade G2 series Turbine and Computer Electronics to provide an industry standard analog signal for connection to a wide variety of chart recorders, display equipment and process control equipment.

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