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    MPB VA Flowmeters

  • Series 630 and 1000 Variable Area Flowmeters

    Highly versatile, broad specification, small flowmeter with, or without, integral flow control valve, stainless steel connections, etc. Widely specified general use flowmeter. Alarm version available. Flow rates available down to 20cc/min Air @ 1013 mbar abs 20°C.

  • Series 1200 Variable Area Flowmeter

    Widely used standard flowmeter supplied in three lengths with or with out needle control valve, ideal for many industrial, process control, calibration and analytical applications. Flows up to 10 L/min H2O and 150 L/min Air @ 1013 mbar abs 20°C.

  • Series 1700 Variable Area Flowmeter

    A robust in-line mounted meter with a wide variety of flow ranges. Specifications also available for corrosive resistant applications.

  • Series 1750 Variable Area Flowmeter with optional latching alarm

    Robust and widely used flowmeter which handles flows up to 125 L/min H2O and 1750 L/min Air @ 1013 mbar abs 20°C and can be fitted with an economical latching alarm device. They can be supplied with stainless steel or PVC connections.

  • Series 3000 Variable Area Flowmeter with optional latching alarm

    This instrument offers a wide range of flows, both liquid and gas. For low flows these utilise “free floats”. Standard flows as low as 250cc/min Air and up to 125L/min h2O available.

  • Series 3500 Variable Area Flowmeter

    High accuracy, quality, flowmeter. Flow rates up to 250 L/min H20. Can be supplied with latching alarm facility. Connections PVC, or stainless steel.

  • Panel Mounted Flowmeters

    A full range of rear of panel mounting kits is available. These are supplied complete with bezel and all mounting accessories.

  • Series 1241S Dual Tube Cascade Flowmeter

    Where a wide turndown ratio is required, this instrument can cascade two flow tubes to give accurate readings with a 100:1 turndown.

  • Series 1240S Dual Tube Flowmeter

    A series of dual tube flowmeter assemblies covering a wide range of gases and liquids. Employed where space is of a premium, or a really neat “double tube” application is required.

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