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Flow Alarms & Switches

  • Series FA20 Flow Alarm

    An in-line flow alarm offering high corrosion resistance and visible flow indication, ideal for applications where chlorinated solutions are employed.

  • Series FA50 Flow Alarm

    An in-line, or panel mounted, flow alarm with an adjustable latching alarm device exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance. Widely used in the water and analyser industries.

  • Series FA60 Flow Alarm

    A robust panel, mounted, or in-line, preset flow alarm.

  • Series FA140 and FA280 Flowmeter/Alarm

    Handles flow up to 40 L/min H20 with integral control valve. This instrument is fitted with an adjustable latching alarm that is capable of switching up to a 5 Amp resistive load. Ideal where pump activation is needed.

  • Series FA350 Flow Alarm

    Covers flow rates up to 250 L/min H20 and has a fully adjustable latching alarm.

  • Series 630A & 1000A Flowmeters with Alarms

    Can be supplied as flow failure, or with factory set points for hi and lo flow.

  • Series 1200A Flowmeter with Alarm

    Can be supplied with Pepperl + Fuchs ring sensor, or an arrangement with a flow failure, or with
    factory set points for hi and lo flow. Can be used in EEx ia IIC T4 applications with a suitable barrier.