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    Flow Alarms & Switches

  • Series FA20 Flow Alarm

    An in-line flow alarm offering high corrosion resistance and visible flow indication, ideal for applications where chlorinated solutions are employed.

  • Series FA50 Flow Alarm

    An in-line, or panel mounted, flow alarm with an adjustable latching alarm device exhibiting excellent corrosion resistance. Widely used in the water and analyser industries.

  • Series FA60 Flow Alarm

    A robust panel, mounted, or in-line, preset flow alarm.

  • Series FA140 and FA280 Flowmeter/Alarm

    Handles flow up to 40 L/min H20 with integral control valve. This instrument is fitted with an adjustable latching alarm that is capable of switching up to a 5 Amp resistive load. Ideal where pump activation is needed.

  • Series FA350 Flow Alarm

    Covers flow rates up to 250 L/min H20 and has a fully adjustable latching alarm.

  • Series 630A & 1000A Flowmeters with Alarms

    Can be supplied as flow failure, or with factory set points for hi and lo flow.

  • Series 1200A Flowmeter with Alarm

    Can be supplied with Pepperl + Fuchs ring sensor, or an arrangement with a flow failure, or with
    factory set points for hi and lo flow. Can be used in EEx ia IIC T4 applications with a suitable barrier.

  • Medical Flowmeters

    MPB produces an extensive range of human anaesthetic flowmeters suitable for most anaesthesia systems. These can be supplied from stock to ISO 5358 / BS 4272 specifications. All tubes manufactured by MPB have matching tube and float serial numbers and are electrically conductive to the above specification.

  • Medical Human Anaesthetic Flow Tubes

    MPB provide bespoke anaesthesia flow tubes covering length of tube, colour banding, font styles, customer part numbers, etc. MPB will be pleased to supply company logos to all products depending upon quantity.

  • Series 1600 Dual and Single Veterinary Gas Flowmeters

    A range of veterinary anaesthetic flowmeters with independent flow control valves,
    photoluminescent backing and earthing tags suitable for trolley or wall mounting. All flow tubes conform to ISO 5358 / BS 4272. Wide range of flow tubes available.