Gas Flow Meters

Gas Flow Meters

We supply a wide variety of gas flow meters / variable area air flow meters for most applications, with flow rates from 5cc/min up to 10000 lt/min air service. Our meters can be supplied as gas flow meters for instantaneous rate of flow, flow alarms, flow transmitters, flow-switches, veterinary gas flow meters and specialist medical gas flow meters.

Our Single and Dual Tube Veterinary Gas Meters are a popular anaesthetic flowmeter with independent flow control valves, photo luminescent backing and earthing tags suitable for trolley or wall mounting. A wide range of flow tubes that conforms to ISO 5358/ BS 4272 are available.

These quality variable area meters are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2008 and calibration are traceable to national standards (UKAS). Successful applications can be found in power generation, gas and oil production, human medical anesthesia, veterinary, aviation, pharmaceutical, water treatment, pollution control, scientific analysis, education, and many other areas.

Our variable area meters utilise a free float design which have a very low-pressure drop while others are available with or without needle control valves for flow rate control. The range includes the long 1200 series of gas flow meters, ideal for use as a calibration master, or where high accuracy with a good resolution scale is required for the most demanding of variable area flow applications.

They are ideal for many industrial, process control, calibration, and analytical applications. An economical latching alarm device is also available, this enables the alarm to remain activated whilst flow is above or below a set point. This reduces expensive electronic circuitry and is ideal for remote and process control applications.

Check out some of our variable area flow meters below that can be utilised for gas service or call B.E.S. Flowmeters for additional technical support on any flow meter you require.

Our meters can also be calibrated for liquid service. Selection of the correct meter for your application is an important task and we look forward to assisting you in that process.

gas flow meters

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