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GPI G2 Stainless Steel Flowmeters

GPI PVDF Chemical Flowmeters

TM Series Water Meters

GPI QStar Ultrasonic Flowmeters

A1 Series Commercial Grade Meters

How-to Remotely Mount your GPI local flow meter display for G2, A1 & TM series meters using a Std remote or FM approved Kit

How-To Calibrate A Flow Meter – New GPI09 Display for G2, A1 & TM series meters

Macnaught Meter Selection Tool

Macnaught Web based resources that include Data, Flow meter selection tool, instructions and videos


Siemens You Tube Videos

SITRANS F M MAG 8000 flowmeter

SITRANS F M MAG 8000 (Water) flow meter installation

SITRANS F M Integral Electromagnetic flowmeter setup


PDF Links

GPI Chemical Compatibility Guide – Click here for pdf file
GPI Technical & Installation Guide
MPB Resistance Chart – Click for pdf file
Useful Conversions for MPB Meters – Click for pdf file

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