Flow Switches are available in many configurations and are used for the display and monitoring of the flow of many process gases and liquids. The Flowmeter generally incorporates a sensor that produces an electrical output relative to a specific flow rate. Applications include low flow detection for pipe leakage, low flow water levels, dry running protection of pumps and cooling and lubricating circuits. High and low flow alarms on our range can also be obtained within our Flow Switch range.

We can supply in-line, or panel mounted, flow switches with an adjustable latching alarm device that can be preset by the operator and are widely used in the water and analyser industries.

Our range of Flow Switches covers the unique viscosity compensated flowmeter designed for water and oil applications. This style of flowmeter uses a spring loaded float that slides within a a cylindrical measuring tube and has an integral orifice. This and other design features means that it has for the first time become possible to create a flow meter and switch which fully compensates for viscosity and to a large extent for density even with very low flows.

Thanks to the virtually perfect viscosity compensation and good density compensation the flow meters and switches of the latest generation are suitable both for water and highly viscous oil, without having to change the scale and without readjustment. This constitutes an extremely important advance especially in the critical area of oil lubrication circuits where measurement and switching are necessary at changing media temperatures. Applications include Lubricating circuits, Hydraulics, Paper-making machines, Extruding plant, Machine tools, Printing presses etc.

We have a wide range of flow switches for a variety of flow meters, including liquid, water and air flow switches. Contact our sales team if you would like to discuss your requirements further.

For a complete range of flow switches, you can download the latest Kobold Catalogue here:

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