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Our Inline Flow Meters includes our Variable Area Meters, Turbines, Paddle Wheel, Oval Gear Meters along with Electromagnetic and Ultrasonic. Our expertise in these products has been acquired over many years in the flow measurement area so we are well suited to advise on the best option for your application. Our meters have successfully been adapted into the following markets including agriculture, mining, chemical, beverage, water, sewerage, fuel & oil industry, medical, science and education to name a few.

The Variable Area Flow Meter or Rotameter is a very simple and popular device that measures the flow of most process gases and liquids. These Inline Flow Meters are easy to install and maintain while offering the flexibility of a linear scale, low-pressure drop and a good measuring range.

The Flomec QS200 Inline Flow Meter is an Ultrasonic Irrigation Meter that provides an accurate reading of water flow rates and accumulated flow. Designed for commercial irrigation applications, the QS200 is available in five pipe sizes, ranging from 25 – 100mm and larger sizes up to 300mm Dia.

Flomec Turbines are another Inline Flow Meter that offers the user flexibility with a range of sizes and materials of construction including Stainless Steel, PVDF, PVC, Aluminium & Nylon. This style of meter will display instantaneous rate of flow, reset totalisation and accumulative total. Output options available.

The extensive range of the Sitrans Electromagnetic Flowmeters cover all sizes and types for all conductive products, effluent and sewerage applications while for smaller flows the compact MIM Electromagnetic Inline flow meter from Kobold is designed to measure and monitor small and medium flows from 0.03 lt/min up to 350 lt/min. Suitable for the most common water based conductive liquids.

Flomec Positive Displacement or Oval Gear Meters are an excellent Inline Flow Meter with only two moving parts. They are suitable for a wide range of liquids including water, fuels, oils, solvents, alcohols, mildly aggressive chemicals, viscous and non-conductive liquids and have high accuracy and repeatability, giving the user a direct volumetric reading, rate of flow and optional outputs.

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