Flomec RT14 Rate Totaliser

Flomec RT14 display is a fully programmable, self-powered flow rate totaliser specifically designed for computing & displaying flow rates & totals from any flowmeters with pulse, sine wave or frequency outputs.  It displays resettable (batch) total, accumulated total and instantaneous flow rates. Outputs include 4 – 20 mA (Loop Powered), scaleable pulse and high and low alarm for a variety of functions.

The Flomec RT14 display is a battery operated flow rate totaliser with 8-digit LCD total, 8-digit cumulative totaliser and 5-digit rate display. Outputs include 4 – 20 mA (Loop Powered), scaleable pulse and high / low alarm outputs. It can be battery or external powered with a regulated 8 – 24Vdc supply (for outputs). The instrument is fully programmable from the front touch keys and displays resettable (batch) total, accumulated total and instantaneous flow rates in engineering units as programmed by the user. The RT14 accepts reed switch, coil, voltage pulse, NPN and PNP. This instrument has a (GRN) glass reinforced nylon enclosure to IP66/67-NEMA4X and can be meter mounted or remotely mounted in safe areas. Pipe mounts kits available. Other display options include the EB11 EasyBatch Controller & Mechanical Totaliser. The mechanical reset totaliser is a great option for the OM series Oval Gear Meters

Features & Benefits: 

  • Robust IP66/67 glass reinforced nylon enclosure
  • Battery powered with 5 year life span
  • Operating temperature range; -30°C to +80°C or +70° when intrinsically safe.
  • 10 point linearization of flowmeter accuracy curve
  • 4-20mA loop powered analogue output 
  • NPN/PNP scaled pulse output is well suited to remote recording of total volume, particularly in PLC’s with low input frequency restrictions.
  • Flow alarms for high, low, or high/low.
  • Two totals (1x resettable, 1x non-resettable), and one flowrate display
  • Totals and flowrate units are selectable for Litres, US Gallons, cubic Metres, kilograms, and pounds.
  • Flowrates can be displayed in /second, /minute, /hour, or /day.
  • Easy and secure programming with PIN protected.
  • Can be direct mounted on any OM series, DP series flowmeters.
  • Can be remote panel mounted, or wall or pipe (with mounting kits).

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