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Flomec have a range of Inline Flow Meters. The G Series High Precision Meters are the most accurate closely followed by the Flomec G2 series Precision Turbine Meter also a highly accurate meter but fitted with the new Q9 computer display. This is a highly versatile meter with great options and available in a range of sizes, process connections and materials of construction making them suitable for a wide variety of low viscosity fluids.
For economy choose the Flomec TM series PVC meters. The TM series meters are a great choice for water based products or the A1 Commercial grade meters suitable for petroleum products with the Nylon A1 meters being designed for use in water or non-aggressive chemical applications.
The 01- 02 Series Meters are a lightweight accurate and reliable turbine meter available in Nylon for water or Aluminum for fuel products. Choose the 01 Series for totalisation or the 02 for meter with pulsed output.



The Flomec Inline Flow Meters come in various configurations. A brief description of the available ranges are indicated below. For additional information refer to resources link.

The Flomec G Series High Precision Meters are designed for all water based products constructed with a stainless steel body & rotors, tungsten carbide or PTFE bearings and can be fitted with local or remote displays. Available in a range of sizes from ½ inch, to 2 inch diameter and a flow ranges from 2.2 – 1250 lt/min for threaded and sanitary meters while ANSI Flange meters are available from 3/4″ to 2 inch dia with flow rates from 6 – 1250 lt/min.. Connection options include BSP, ISO, NPT, ANSI flange & Sanitary Clamp fittings.

The Flomec G2 series turbine flow meters are  suitable for a wide variety of applications depending on flowrate, line size, pressure rating, fitting type, chemical compatibility and temperature range. The G series turbine flow meters offer high accuracy at a lower cost. They are available in sizes from 1/2 inch to 2″ diameter and have a flow range from 3.8 – 760 lt/min. These compact, rugged and dependable G2 series flowmeters are available with local or remote Q9 computer display.

Flomec TM series water meters are accurate, economical and designed to operate within a wide flow range from 3.8 – 2271 lt/min. Choose Flomec meters for a wide variety of water monitoring applications. TM series meters meet schedule 80 PVC specifications and comes with the Q9 computer display. Seven sizes are available from 1/2″ to 4″ (TM05 – TM40) diameter with male (spigot) end fittings to allow universal connections. Female NPT fittings and BSP fittings are available for most models while ANSI 150 lb flanges can be fitted on the 3″ and 4″ diameter meters.

Flomec A1 Commercial Grade Meters are designed as self-contained, battery-powered units. Available with 1” & 2” process connections in Aluminum and 1” connections in Nylon. A low flow version is also available for both Nylon & Aluminum with flows from 1 – 11 lt/min. Select the A1 Series when you need an accurate, basic meter. The Aluminum model is available in three sizes and is suitable for petroleum products. The Nylon meters are designed for use in water or non-aggressive chemical applications. The flow range for the Commercial grade meters range from 1lt/min for the low flow meter to 1135 lt/min for the 2″ Aluminum Fuel Meter. These meters are fitted with the Q9 display

The Flomec Q9 is the latest version of the popular computer display. It incorporates a host of extras including low battery indication and the ability to display custom units with a name label. Optional plug-in boards for 4-20mA, scaled pulse, and external power supply are easily added as original equipment or as a retrofit in the field with all parameters easily addressable through the two buttons on the Q9 display. An additional new feature is the ability to display velocity as well as rate and totals. The Q9 operates on two AAA batteries with a battery life of approx 2 years and is fitted to the G2, TM and A1 series flowmeters.

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