Flomec G2 Tri-Clover Precision Turbine Meter

The G2 Tri-Clover® flow meter is great for food, beverage, or pharmaceutical applications. This Inline Flow Meter with its stainless steel housing and PVDF internals can be used in the food and beverage industries in pre process applications. The Q9 battery powered LCD electronic display is calibrated to read in litres and gallons and display accumulative total, batch (reset) total and rate of flow.


The Flomec Tri-Clover® flowmeter family is the one for you. All the G2 flowmeters are intrinsically safe, cost effective liquid flowmeters. Tri-Clover Inline Flow Meters are available in ½ in, ¾ in, 1 in, 1½ in and 2 inch models with flow rates from 3.8 – 760 lt/min and fitted with the new Q9 Display that indicates batch (reset) total, cumulative total and rate of flow and is factory calibrated in litres or gallons. Includes nonvolatile totals.

The Q9 is the latest version of the popular FLOMEC computer display. It incorporates many of the most requested features over the years including low battery indication (Two AAA) and the ability to display custom units with a name label. Optional plug-in daughterboards for 4-20mA, scaled pulse, and external power supply are easily added as original equipment or as a retrofit in the field. All of the display parameters are addressable through the two buttons on the Q9 display.

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