Macnaught MX Large Capacity Digital Meter

The Macnaught MX series range of positive displacement oval gear flowmeters offer flexibility and reliability with their robust design. The large capacity meters are available with 3” and 4” G threaded connections with optional flanges.  They are constructed with aluminum or stainless steel bodies and aluminum or stainless steel rotors with applicable seals. The advantage of the MX series positive displacement meters is that they are unaffected by variations in temperature, viscosity or pressure and they will always provide consistently accurate and reliable measurement of flow for all clean liquid applications.

The MX series offers a range of interchangeable pulse and direct mountable digital displays. See images opposite showing various options.


Choose the Macnaught MX100F-1SF series large capacity oval gear flow meter with aluminum body & rotors with Viton seals for your clean compatible product with flow rates from 120 – 1200 lt/min, temperatures to 80°C and accuracy of +/- 0.5% with repeatability of +/- 0.03%.  Process connections 3″ or 4″ G thread or optional Flanges. Choose local mount LC display or pulse output.  Downloads below for MX100F meters with Flow rate/totaliser & MX75F with Pulse Output and Flameproof Exd Output.

Many size and types of meters are available so please contact BES Flowmeters to assist in the selection of the appropriate flowmeter for your service.

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