Magnetic Flow Meter-BES MIM Batch System

This BES Batch System incorporates a Kobold MIM Stainless Steel Magnetic Flow Meter. In the Dosing or Batch mode the Kobold MIM Magnetic Flow Meter displays the quantity to be batched in a preselectable unit (lts) with the current flow rate also being displayed in lt/min. The progress of the batch process is additionally represented by a graphic animation in which the container shown fills in percent and volume batched. Soft key buttons on the display are used to Stop, Start the batch process and also for resetting the Dosing or Batch Value. For full technical details refer to operating manual and attached pdf File

Our new BES MIM Batch System is available with the following connection sizes ½”, ¾”, 1” & 2” dia and flow rates from 0.1 – 750 lt/min. We supply the appropriate 24Vdc NC solenoid valve or air operated Ball valve to suit the flowmeter size and customers requirement.

A separate electrical enclosure is supplied that incorporate a 240Vac to 24Vdc power supply, wired with circuit breaker and electronics with 2m cable and connector to Flowmeter and 2m cable for connection to solenoid. Power supply cable 240Vac to enclosure not supplied.


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Product description

The BES MIM Batch System incorporates a Kobold MIM Stainless Steel Magnetic Flow Meter.  Connection sizes up to 2″ diameter and flow rates of up to 750 lt/min are available.  In addition the appropriate Solenoid or air operated Ball Valve is supplied to suit the flowmeter size and customers requirement.

The Magnetic Flow Meter has a user friendly TFT presetable display that can be programmed in Litres.  It displays batch quantities and flow rate of water based conductive liquids and incorporates stop start and reset buttons.  A great package for metering small and medium liquid flows.

This Batch System has been specifically packaged as an installation-ready metering assembly, suitable for the most common water based transfer applications throughout industry.  A common requirement within many industries is the batching of small to medium volumes of water based conductive products.  Applications can be found in the manufacture of car care products, food & beverage solutions, agricultural, building products, cosmetics, pharmaceutical & chemicals manufacturing.

The MIM Magnetic Flow Meter can also be installed as a stand alone device. The meter displays totalisation and flow rate and has optional outputs available. The display is resettable.



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