Variable Area Flow Meters

Our Variable Area Flow Meters are a great product for the measurement of a wide range of process gases and liquids. These Inline Flow Meters are designed to indicate flow rate, have alarm outputs, flow switches or as a transmitter with 4 – 20mA output. Available in Stainless Steel, Ni Plated Brass or PVC with borosilicate glass metering tube and poly carbonate safety cover. The Series 7200 Clearview Variable Area Flowmeter is designed to offer an economical solution for liquid flow measurements up 1000 L/min and for air flow applications up to 20,000 lt/min. These VA Meters have a clear SAN body, ABS end fittings and stainless steel guide rod and float. Many other flow meter options are available. Please consult BES Flowmeters to select best option for your application.

All our Variable Area Flow meters offer a complete Inline Flow Meter package for a wide range of process gases and liquids. 

For an air flow meter or liquid flow meter you can check out our extensive range. Our airflow meters with flows as low as 2 cc/min include variable area flow meters, flow alarms, flow transmitters, flow indicators, flow-switches, veterinary gas flow meters and specialist medical gas flow meters. For liquid service the same options are available  including calibration cylinders & sight glasses

These quality Variable Area Flow Meters are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001:2008 and calibration is traceable to national standards (UKAS). Successful applications can be found in power generation, gas and oil production, human medical anesthesia, veterinary, aviation, pharmaceutical, water treatment, pollution control, scientific analysis, education, and many other areas.

Our variable area meters utilize a free float design which have a very low-pressure drop while others are available with or without needle control valves for flow rate control. The range includes the long 1200 series of airflow meters, ideal for use as a calibration master, or where high accuracy with a good resolution scale is required. Our series F6000 Meter Tube Inline Flow Meter with flows up to 650lt/min water service and is designed to meet the most demanding high pressure and corrosive applications found in the chemical and processing industries. 

Check out our air flow meter range, or call us for additional technical data on any flow meter you require. Selection of the correct meter for your application is an important task and we look forward to assisting you in that process.


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