MRTU6 Reset Water Meter

The MRTU6  Reset Water Meter with a gunmetal body and 6 digit LCD display can be adapted to pipe sizes from 20mm to 100mm in Gal or PVC pipe fittings. The LCD counter displays total in Litres or optional Kilolitres and  Flowrate in LPM or optional LPS.

The MRTU6  resettable counter Water Meter with a gunmetal body, 6 digit LCD display  and a 1″ BSP male threaded stem section which allows it to be fitted to most 1″ BSP female entries.  The MRTUs are pre-fitted with pipe adapter fittings to suit the users pipe diameter. Adapters are available for a range of pipe sizes from 20 to 100 mm diameters, and the adapter range includes Galvanized Iron tees, Class18 Cat19 PVC high pressure tees, and saddle-clamp agricultural poly-pipe fittings.  The LCD counter displays  total in Litres or optional Kilolitres and  Flowrate in LPM or optional LPS.  Robust ABS-UV IP65 Display housing with 3M film cover protection.  Slip insertion sensor design allows simple removal from pipeline if cleaning rotor.  Easier Access for re calibration and user friendly smart 1 point re-calibration function –self-calculation for a new k- factor.

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