Series 1240S Dual Tube Variable Area Flow Meters

The series 1240S are dual tube Rotameters with a meter assembly that  gives the user the ability to merge two gases or liquids while reading the instantaneous rate of flow. Utilised where space is of a premium, or when a double tube blending application is required.

he Series 1240S Dual Tube Variable Area Flow Meters are suitable for applications where two process mediums are metered side-by-side. Where two flows converge, the Series 1240S Dual Tube Flow Meter is ideal for this application. For instance, air and carbon dioxide, or oxygen and nitric oxide, etc, etc may be metered together as a compound gas (or liquid). The inlet pressures ideally should be balanced with both flows exiting through a common manifold where the gas exits through the outlet, which is positioned at the top right hand side of the flow meter.  An appropriate flame arrester must be employed where explosive gases are used.

Useful Resources:


B.E.S. Flowmeters, MPB


air, gas, water



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