Series 1241S Dual Tube Cascade Variable Area Flow Meter

The series 1241S  is a Dual Tube Cascade Flow Meter and is designed to give the user accurate readings of instantaneous flow rates over a wide 100 : 1 turn-down ratio. This compact Inline Flow Meter has a variety of standard flow ranges and can be supplied with or without a needle control valve

The series 1241S Variable Area Flow Meter is designed for when a wide 100 : 1 turn-down ratio is required, this instrument can cascade two flow tubes to give accurate readings over the 100 : 1 turndown range.

A typical installation, for example, would be left hand flow tube 10-100cc/min and cascading to 100-1000cc/min, or 0.1-1 L/min cascading to 1-10 L/min regardless of process medium, or operating conditions.  The Series 1241S Dual Tube Cascade Flow Meter has rear facing connections ¼” BSPPF for inlet and right hand side top outlet.

Download data sheet below for all technical details or contact BES Flowmeters to discuss your application.

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