Series 1700 Variable Area Flow Meters

The series 1700 Rotameters are a robust Inline Flow Meter available with a variety of flow ranges up to 10 lt/min water service and 150 lt/min air service. Specifications also available for corrosive resistant applications.  Please consult with BES Flowmeters for any applications with corrosive media.

The Series 1700 Variable Area Inline Flow Meters offers an economical solution for the instantaneous reading of a wide range of process gases and liquids. With the options of Stainless steel or PVC end blocks and control valve this flowmeter is fitted with borosilicate glass metering tube and various float material to suit the product. This Flow Meter is suitable for in-line, or panel mounting with panel mounting kit available complete with bezel and all fittings.

The series 1700 Variable Area Flow Meters with PVC fittings and float are ideally suited where highly corrosive mediums are being metered.

Useful Resources:


B.E.S. Flowmeters, MPB


air, chemicals, gas, solvent, water



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