Series 3000 Variable Area Flow Meter with Optional Latching Alarm

The Series 3000 Rotameters offers an excellent means of instantaneous flow rate measurement of most process gases and liquids. This Inline Flow Meter is constructed with Aluminum chassis, stainless steel, or rigid PVC end connections with borosilicate glass metering tube. The 3000 series flow meters are available with many standard flow ranges and can be fitted with an optional economical latching alarm device for Hi and Lo latching alarms


The Series 3000 range of Variable Area Flow Meters presents an economical means of accurate flow measurement. A scale length of 260mm offers excellent resolution giving easily read scale graduations. An ideal flowmeter for use as a calibration master, or where high accuracy with a good resolution scale is required.  The materials of construction offer compatibility to a wide range of industrial process mediums. The end connections can be supplied in either stainless steel or rigid PVC.  Process connections are ¼”, ½”, ¾” & 1” BSPPF.  The meters are fitted with a calibrated scale plate and a metric scale is permanently fired onto the tube. A useful blank scale plate can also be provided for customers own calibration if required. The 3000 Series can be used to measure the flow rate of most process gases and liquids. A wide range of tubes is available for the Series 3000 from as low as 5cc/min Air up to 3,000 lt/min Air. Other ranges up to 125 lt/min of Water are also available. One or two economical latching Hi and Lo alarm devices can be fitted. These enable the alarms to remain activated whilst flow is above or below a set point. This reduces expensive electronic circuitry and is ideal for remote and process control applications.

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B.E.S. Flowmeters, MPB


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