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Series F6000 Meter Tube Variable Area Flowmeter

The F6000 Variable Are Meters are an excellent solid stainless steel Flow Meter for many liquids with its wide flow range from 2 lt/min up to 650 lt/min. The robust construction, pressure rating and suitability for corrosive applications makes this quality meter an excellent choice for many process applications that require flow indication.


The F6000 Metal Tube Flowmeter has been designed to meet demanding high pressure and corrosive applications in the process control industry. The F6000 Metal Tube Flowmeter is manufactured from certified 316 Stainless Steel and supplied with a highly visible analogue scale mounted in a polycarbonate enclosure to IP66.

The F6000 is manufactured in 3/4”,1”, 2” and 3” flanged ANSI 150 RF and 3/4”, 1” and 2” BSPPF ( Rp ) screwed versions and has a range of standard flow ranges available, but can be calibrated for almost any liquid. An ideal option for high pressure flow indication where applications can be found in the water, chemical and processing industries.


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chemicals, solvent, water


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