Series FA140 and FA280 Variable Area Flow Meter with Alarm

These Rotameters with Alarm handle flows up to 40 L/min H20 with integral control valve and can be fitted with an adjustable latching alarm that is capable of switching up to a 5 Amp resistive load. Ideal where pump activation is needed.


The Series FA140 Variable Area Flow Meter was developed to meet the requirement for a flowmeter with an integral flow control valve and incorporating a latching alarm device, being capable of switching up to a 5 Amp resistive load. The FA140 utilises the guided float principle to give maximum flow rates and a stable indication of flow.  This flowmeter offers an economical solution for cost effective systems using pumps or level controls etc.  The latching alarm eliminates the need for costly electronic circuitry.

The F280V Flowmeter is a panel mounted flowmeter designed to meet the requirement for liquid flow rates up to 40 L/min.  This instrument can be supplied with or without an integral flow control valve.  This Series can also handle gas flows of up to 1000 L/min air @ STP.  The non-valved version is the F280 Flow Meter. High flow rates are achieved by the use of a guided float system. This meter can be supplied with nickel plated brass or stainless steel end connections.  A latching alarm version FA280 is also available.

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B.E.S. Flowmeters, MPB


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