Don’t be confused when you hear the term rotameter. A Rotameter or variable area flow meter is a type of flow meter that is used for industrial purposes to measure the flow of process liquids or gases.

The advantages are that it is simple to install and maintain while offering the flexibility of linear scale, low pressure drop and a relatively long range of measurement. This makes the rotameter one of the most popular flow meters there are.

The name was devised by the company that first brought it out, but has come to mean a good all-round flow meter when used in the industry.

Often, the simplest flow meter is the best because with simplicity comes ease of operation and fewer parts to wear and be replaced.

The rotameter is based on the simple variable area principle. The float moves up or down in a tapered tube due to the buoyancy and velocity head of the liquid. For gas, the velocity head alone caused the float to rise or fall.

Rotameters or variable area flow meters, must be mounted in a vertical position because they work by gravity. Before selecting one, you will need to know the minimum and maximum flow rate of your application, temperatures, pipe size, accuracy and whether there will be back flow. You also need to know whether a valve is required for flow regulation and what the maximum process pressure will be.  We supply rotameters throughout Australia and we will be happy to help you with any inquiries you may have regarding this kind of flow meter.

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