We have a large range of variable area flow meters available for applications including most process liquids and gases. Variable area flow meters are widely used, and available in wide range of types and sizes and some with or without a needle control valves.

These flow meters are ideal for many industrial, process control, calibration and analytical applications. Materials of construction vary from stainless steel, brass and PVC. Depending on your requirements, we are able to supply a variable area flow meter for many chemical and gas applications. We have chemical compatibility charts available for download on our website.

Our variable area flow meter range includes Flow Meters, Flow Transmitters, Flow Indicators, Dual Tube Flow Meters, Flow Alarms and Switches, Anaesthetic Flowmeters, Calibration Cylinders and Flow Control Valves

Our flow meters offer a choice between stainless steel or PVC connections and with a latching alarm facility. It all depends on what you need.

You can find further details on the MPB variable area flow meter range on our website, or contact B.E.S. Flowmeters for more information.


MPB VA Flowmeter Range

MPB VA Flowmeter Range

7200 Clearview Flowmeter

MPB 7200 Series Clearview Flow Meters

MPB 3500 Series Flowmeter

MPB 3500 Series Flowmeter
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