Our water flow meters are from leading manufactures in Australia and overseas. We supply all types from our economy series water meters that display total only to our industrial series water meters in stainless steel with a computer display that generates accumulative total, batch (reset) total & rate of flow. Pulsed or 4-20mA outputs, remote mount kits are available as standard options along with various electronic options.

We have water flow meters to suit any water application for pipe sizes ranging from 20mm up to 2500mm with materials of construction ranging from nylon, PVC, brass and stainless steel where a more robust water meter is required. Process connections include BSP, flanged NPT and our PVC meters are available with a plain spigot end to allow you to attach the correct fitting for your requirements. You may also consider our ultrasonic meter with clamp-on technology that allows for ultrasonic transducers to be installed in a matter of minutes. No need to cut or penetrate pipes.

We have water flow meters that can handle a flow ranges from as low as 1 lt/min with the larger Flowmeters being able to read up to 2250 lt/min and above. There are many factors to consider when choosing a water meter for your application.

We have a large range of water flow meters and product information on our website available for download.

Have a look or Contact B.E.S. Flowmeters for assistance in selecting the correct water meter for your specific application.


BES Irrigation Water Meter

BES Irrigation Water Meter

TM Series Water Meters

GPI TM Series PVC Water Meters

Insertion Style Water Meter

Flomec Dual Pulse insertion flowmeters
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