Water Flow Meters

Water Flow Meters

B.E.S. Flowmeters supplies a complete range of water flow meters covering all sizes from small to extra large.

Our water flow meters are manufactured here in Australia and overseas and we supply all types from basic mechanical meters up to ultrasonic clamp on style meters.

Our water meters include rotameters or variable area flow meters, mechanical water meters, turbine water meters, oval gear meters, insertion paddle wheel water meters, electromagnetic flow meters, ultrasonic meters – all of which are on our website.

We supply water flow meters that will display instantaneous rate of flow, reset totalisation and accumulative total. Pulsed outputs available along with many different outputs.

Compact meters where space is at a premium and batching systems for the dispensing of product. Various electronic options are available to suit all applications.

We have a large range of water flow meters and product information on our website available for download.

Please contact us for any technical advice and assistance in the selection of the correct water meter for your specific application.

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For support, sales and enquiries

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